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    — robotized developing toys and designers

    — innovative gadgets for parents

    — souvenir products of the BAL ROBOTOV with favourite robots

    — exclusive prints, T-shirts and bags from the artist Eric Joyner

  • Misfit Shine

    Misfit Shine – an aluminium activity tracker. Shine counts the number of steps taken, measures distances and counts the exact amount of calories burnt during walking, running, swimming, cycling and playing active games. Tracker also records the quality of sleep. The main asset – its battery life lasts for up to 6 months.

  • PLEO

    Toy robotic PLEO dinosaur is endowed with unique artificial intelligence. This animal really has a personality of its own, and you can observe more than fifty variations of its behavior! The dinosaur is willing to interact both with people and animals.


    This robot walks, talks, thinks and does everything you can imagine. Following 3D instructions to build it, and then bring it to life via a simple programming interface! Take a remote control and set out on pre-set missions or download free applications and give commands to your robot via smart phone or tablet.

  • Mindflex

    Have you ever wanted to move objects just by thought?

    With new MindFlex toy from Mattel that is real. Just put on earphones and do what you have never done before – move objects with your mind!

    Based on cutting-edge technologies from NeuroSky ThinkGear™, MindFlex™ reads the activity of your brain via wireless headset. This is controlling matter with mind.

Zombies, vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, robots, Wolfman – all of this stuff was really popular in the 50s. Robots are the only one of those make-believe monsters that have become real. They are really in our lives. That’s pretty fascinating to me
- Daniel Wilson

— Are robots so different from men?
— Worlds different, - she allowed herself a cold smile, - first of all, robots are essentially decent
- Isaac Asimov