Eric Joyner is an American artist working in style of pop-surrealism. He became popular due to his unusual heroes of paintings. He gets the inspiration... by robots. Despite it his gorgeous works are full of tenderness and touching, they transfer a vision of the artist about the future and the present, tell about relationship between a person and a robot.

Robots look very funny and harmlessly: freakish, thoughtful, sometimes a little sad. Special attention deserve series of works with favorite delicacies of robots - donuts. It is possible to find a special deep meaning in each picture.

Eric Joyner is the member of the Union of Illustrators of the USA, owner of a set of art awards, including the winner in the nomination "Fantastic Art". During his entire career he organized more than 50 personal exhibitions worldwide. This year Eric Joyner comes to MOSCOW on the BAL ROBOTOV for the first time, and you have a unique opportunity to meet him!

Within ART & SCIENCE session at our ROBOFORUM Eric Joyner explayned how it is possible to integrate art into difficult technologies, such as a robotics.

In our ROBOMARKET you can find a small gallery of pictures of Eric Joyner where you can make the preorder for its exclusive prints with the signature of the author.

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I think the brain is like a program in the mind, which is like a computer, so it’s theoretically possible to copy the brain on to a computer and so provide a form of life after death. However, this is way beyond our present capabilities
- Steven Hawking

— Are robots so different from men?
— Worlds different, - she allowed herself a cold smile, - first of all, robots are essentially decent
- Isaac Asimov